Star Wars

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
The Bubbling Darkness

The party has taken a mission from Ortaga the Hutt, a disgusting little Hutt who has little love for the galaxy and has a huge complex about power. 

Ortaga has sent the party to Vendaxa, where they first hunted and successfully captured a pair of Ackleys. There is an Emperial signal in the jungle, a secret base of operations for the growing darkness in the galaxy.

While hunting the Ackleys, the party found a dead Ackley, unnaturally burned and with layers of flesh eaten away. 

The party has tried to intercept and hack the signal from the Imperial base time and time again, getting some chatter that made Ortaga very excited… 

The party is on planet now, about to set out toward the Imperial base, what awaits them in the jungle?



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